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Courses & Exhibitions

Upon request I teach porcelain painting courses at the Stuttgart adult education center, in my studio or other suitable locations.

You can also gladly engage me for exhibitions.  

I look forward hearing from you.  




Applied Arts on Paper, Porcelain and Pottery – group exhibition

Group exhibition Applied Arts on Paper, Porcelain and Pottery by Ceramist Livia Kovács (,  Porcelain Designer Erzsi Simon ( and Scientific Illustrator Linda Lubbersen (

The exhibition is organized in the framework of the "Vászolyi nyár".

Opening: 3 August 2019, 8 p.m.
The exhibition is open all August and can be visited daily from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Vászoly Galéria, András út 28, Vászoly, Hungary



Arita Porcelain Factory & green tea – study trip

The Imari sytle in porcelain painting - characterized by cobalt blue underglaze, as well as red and gold overglaze - has been taught to me already at the Hungarian University of Craft and Design in Budapest. Later, as Porcelain Designer at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, I also designed and painted in that style. Several of those works can be seen on my website.


The eponym Imari is merely the exporting harbour city; the porcelain itself however, was manufactured in Arita, at the Arita Porcelain Factory, in the prefecture Saga on the Island Kyūshū in Japan. In 2019 the factory celebrated its 400th anniversary. In May 2019 I had the great privilege to view Arita Porcelain Factory and take a look behind the scenes - with heartfelt thanks to all the fantastic Arita colleagues!



Built on volcanic soil, the city is surrounded by kaolin mountains and tea plantations. The design of the teakettles and cups was expected to be tailored to tea-drinking-habits, wherefore this culture has always fascinated me. I now had the opportunity to follow the path of tea-drinking and visit key tea growing regions, such as Kagoshima, Uji and - located at the foot of Mount Fuji - Shizuoka.


I started my trip in Seoul, Korea, where I visited old teahouses. They are cozy, homely and made atmospheric with music and scent, which creates true well-being while drinking delicious tea. The tea fields of Hadong are 1200 years old, while the large plantations at the foot of the volcano Halassan on the island Jeju are only 30 years old - here I was able to take part in the first harvest of the year.



Neighbourhood Art – group exhibition

Group exhibition by local artists at the Killeswerk Gallery, on the occasion of the Killesberg "Sommerfest" on the Killesberghöhe.

The exhibition is open from 26 July to 3 August 2015.
Stresemannstraße 7, Am Kocherhof, 70192 Stuttgart, Germany